About me

About me

BSc Med Sci (Hons), MB ChB, MRCGP, PGCME, AFMCP.

My name is Dr Faiza Khalid and I have been practising as a GP for over a decade.

My interests lie in preventative medicine especially those related to lifestyle factors, nutritional science and the gut microbiome.

During my time as a GP, I became increasingly frustrated with the time constraints and lack of resources for preventative medicine. Lifestyle related diseases and autoimmune conditions are growing exponentially and I believe we have to look in a different direction for the solutions to these problems.

Quick fix solutions such as medication although helpful, may be fraught with problems such as possible drug interactions, side effects and often limited efficacy.

With an ever increasing burden of chronic disease, we need greater emphasis on improving nutrition, increasing physical activity and being mindful of our emotional well-being.

In partnership we will tackle the root cause of your problem. My skills and expertise will enable us to really dig deep to investigate the potential triggers and drivers of your symptoms in order to rebuild your health and help you function better.

I believe that gut health and hence what we put into our body is paramount to good health. Eating to correct or optimise the delicate balance of the flora of the intestinal system is crucial because 70% of the immune system, which helps us defend against infections and disease, resides in the gut. Just by tweaking our nutrition and lifestyle choices, we can make significant improvements in our wellbeing. However, sometimes we need a pointer in the right direction.

Having experienced autoimmune disease myself, I have been able to minimise its impact on my life and reduce most of my symptoms through altering my lifestyle and diet. This unique perspective that I have gained through both the eyes of the patient and as a doctor has equipped me with knowledge and skills to help others who struggle with their daily lives. A personalised approach to health is what is needed for 21st century medicine.