You're sick and tired of struggling with
chronic health issues or autoimmune disorders?

You know that you want to feel better, to have more energy and to be able to enjoy life from a place of wellness.

You may have tried to find the answers to your health conditions by visiting specialist after specialist, but you haven't actually got any better. It feels like an uphill battle and you're not sure where to look for help.

You want to get better, but you're not sure how to actually do it.

Yet, a part of you knows that there has to be a different way, there has to be someone who can ACTUALLY help you heal.


Beautiful soul, I see you.

I'm Dr Faiza Khalid, also known as The Lifestyle Medic. I know all about what you are going through. I've been there and it's not easy. Not at all. In case we haven't met before, let me tell you a little bit about me.

A little bit about me...

I'm an ex-GP & practice director

I'm an Ex-GP and I was the director of a Functional Medicine Clinic. My entire professional career has been dedicated and committed to helping people improve their health using a variety of different scientifically proven treatments. Functional medicine involves addressing the root cause of disease and supporting the whole person's optimal health, not just their physical body.

I've had a life-long passion for health and wellness. I was a GP for 15 years, became a Medical Educator, operated a Functional Medicine Clinic, and sought additional qualifications as a Health and Lifestyle Coach. I bring all of this professional expertise and knowledge to every client I work with.

I've struggled with several auto-immune disorders

I've struggled with several auto-immune disorders since childhood. I had to seek my own healing because I wasn't getting the answers I needed. I'm a walking miracle. I've surprised many professionals who were astounded that I'm so high-functioning, despite what is going on in my body.

My motto was always "watch me."

When doctors and specialists told me I couldn't do something or heal, my motto was always "watch me." I've been through many iterations of integrating a holistic and functional medicine approach to healing, supported by lifestyle changes that have proven to be quite powerful.

I've committed myself to my work

I made the difficult decision to leave my 15-year career as a GP and commit myself to my work in holistic health as The Lifestyle Medic. I was disappointed and constrained in the traditional healthcare system and I was frustrated that I wasn't able to truly help my patients in the ways that I wanted to and using all the tools that could support their health and healing.

So after careful consideration, I launched The Lifestyle Medic and created the 90 Day Total Health Transformation, an entirely new approach to supporting individuals with chronic health and auto-immune disorders.


  • Ex GP with over 15 years of experience
  • BSc Med Sci (Hons), MB ChB, MRCGP (Merit)
  • Functional Medicine Doctor, AFMCP
  • Health Educator: Post Graduate Certification in Medical Education with Merit, PGCME
  • Functional Health Coach & Life Coach
  • Medical Advisor at Rheal Superfoods
  • A lifelong passion that bridges the gap between allopathic medicine and alternative healing modalities to support lasting wellness

I created the 90 Day Total Health Transformation because
I believe that you CAN heal.

With the right tools and support, it is possible to regain your health and experience profound and immediate changes. This is the only programme of its kind that is specifically designed to support individuals with chronic health or auto-immune disorders learn HOW they can actually improve their health.

Everything that I have learned both professionally and personally to support my own wellness and healing journey

I'm offering that support to you. Healing is not just about the physical body. Taking a pill won't necessarily help your body regain balance. We must also address the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the whole person, in order to bring things back into balance. 90 Day Total Health Transformation helps you improve your health, find your joy and awaken to your magnificence so you can experience self-mastery.

My approach

My approach is different from other avenues of support you may have tried because I am committed to your transformation.

Functional medicine

We address the root cause of your illness, not just the individual problem.

Lifestyle tools and bio-hacks

Learning powerful lifestyle tools can support optimum health far faster than some medications. This programme teaches powerful bio-hacks to help you regain and maintain your health and wellness.

Bespoke and personalised support

This one-on-one experience offers premium health coaching to support your exact problems, imbalances and experiences.

Holistic approach

A total healthcare transformation is only possible by including the mind, body, emotions and spirit and addressing the individual as a whole, complete person, instead of fragmenting them into a series of problems.


Using the power of the mind and the connection between the thoughts we think and the stories we tell ourselves, our mind can become a powerful tool to support healing.

Understanding trauma

Trauma and adverse childhood events can have a severe effect on the body, mind, emotions and spirit and need individualised attention to move forward.

Hope and healing

You CAN feel better and this programme will guide you through each step of your journey to recovery.

What People are Saying

My friends and family barely recognise me now because I am so vibrant and energetic but also because my mindset is now so positive. I have benefitted immensely from her programme and I am so grateful to have done it. To anyone looking to improve their health and level up, I would highly recommend Faiza.

Vithiya Alphons, Optometrist, 28, Middlesbrough

Dr. Faiza was the only doctor to believe my symptoms and never doubted that she would get me to a place of wellness. Through diagnostics, nutritional and emotional support, and finally, the completion of her incredible 90-day Mind-Body Health Transformation programme, just a few months on and I no longer feel the grinding down of chronic disease. Now, I'm positive and happy about my future because of Faiza.

Sue Haggett, 64. Nottingham, Retired nurse

Faiza is a bright and shining gem and came into my life at just the right time. With her transformational coaching programme, her unrelenting support, and her medical background, I was taken on an incredible journey that has left me with far more than I had before I even became sick! I just wanted to gain in strength, put on a healthy amount of weight, and stop having crazy mood swings. However, I feel like a new person: an upgraded version of myself!

Saira Tushar, Teacher, 37, Leicester.

Medical Advisor at Rheal Superfoods

Dr. Faiza worked with the founders of Rheal Superfoods to help develop the hugely popular product Balance Tonic, amongst others in their range. Balance Tonic is a blend of 5 superfoods rich in vitamins, minerals and powerful adaptogens. Each ingredient has been selected to help provide a natural, root-cause solution for managing stress, whilst also promoting optimal hormone health. You can access an exclusive 20% discount on a range of their products using the link below.

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You CAN heal.
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