90 Day Total health Transformation

Relief and improved health outcomes

Hope and healing are possible

Transformational tools and strategy

Professional and personalised advice

Struggling with chronic health issues or auto-immune disorders?

  • Have you been to every doctor and specialist around, but still haven't found the answers, let alone the results you are looking for?
  • Feeling overwhelmed and discouraged by your health issues, wondering if it's even possible to heal?
  • Struggling with physical symptoms, broken-hearted by a debilitating diagnosis and feeling alone, unable to support your health?

You CAN heal.

I know it might not feel possible right now, but you can get to a place of wellness. You can heal. You just need the right tools and guidance to help you regain your vitality. 90 Day Total Health Transformation is Dr Faiza's signature programme designed to support your optimal healing and health transformation.

Bespoke and personalised
health and lifestyle tools

This one-on-one intensive is a combination of bespoke and personalised health and lifestyle tools to help you reach your goals and experience optimised health.

Whether you are struggling with chronic health issues or autoimmune conditions or you want to improve your mood and energy, Dr Faiza provides personalised and transformational tools to help you reach your health goals, connect with your innate ability to heal and equip you with the information you need to feel your best.

Experience a unique combination of
science-based healing

Experience a unique combination of science-based healing modalities to support your health and wellbeing. 90 Day Total Health Transformation combines scientifically proven strategies + lifestyle tools + functional medicine + Dr Faiza's individualised premium health coaching and support each client experience total transformation. This signature programme combines Dr Faiza's professional and personal experience in a one-of-a-kind intensive to support your total health transformation and help you achieve the results you desire.

Functional medicine

Lifestyle tools and bio-hacks

Holistic approach - mind, body, spirit

Premium health expertise

Scientific and research-based

Personalised support

Personal E-learning portal

Mobile app

Premium health coaching

Whatever you are struggling with, Dr Faiza takes the time to truly listen and understand your symptoms and experience. Her kind, gentle and supportive health expertise help facilitate your healing as she walks you through each step of the 90 Day intensive. 90 Day Total Health Transformation includes:

  • 60 minute weekly consultations and premium health advice to equip you with the tools needed for your total health transformation
  • Access to learning supports, tools, checklists, guides and bio-hacks to support your integration, healing and vibrancy
  • Your own personal confidential e-learning platform where you can connect with and contact Dr Faiza
  • Free simple & intuitive mobile app to make your coaching accessible anywhere, anytime with one click.
  • Your personalised library with links to videos and articles to support the work you do, all available to you via your own e-learning platform
  • Email support Monday to Friday

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What's inside?

Wondering how it all works? Here's the eagle-eye view of the process. long the journey, I create a safe and brave space for you to
truly unblock what is holding you back. Through care, active listening and premium health coaching, I'm able to guide each client through the 90 Day Total Health Transformation and achieve their individualised results. I'm by your side through each step of the journey. You are not alone.

Envisioning your future: the foundation for success

We begin by exploring where you are, where you've been and where you want to go in terms of your health goals, happiness and life. With this clarity, you will learn how to anchor your motivation for a better future and we will establish your foundation for success.

The deep dive into diet and nutrition

Here we will explore how you can nourish yourself and learn how to take an intuitive approach to foods that give you energy and nourishment.

Bespoke nutrition for your healing

Building on last week, we will explore how you can honour your hunger and fullness and how specific foods can support your unique healing journey. Combining principles of intuitive eating and the healing power of food, you'll receive specific guidance to help you truly nourish yourself.

Movement as medicine

Next, we will explore the healing power of movement as you connect to feeling pleasure in your body. With this knowledge, you can start envisioning yourself in a whole new way. Gain insight into a personalised movement plan that will be developed in this session.

Making peace with the saboteur

This is a very powerful session as we uncover where you may be self-sabotaging your success. With this information, you will be able to transform your relationship with your saboteur and redesign how you work together to support your health, happiness and goals.

The power of play

Often overlooked, play is one of the most powerful tools we have to support healing. This scientifically proven strategy allows you to connect with your inner child and nourish your true expression in completely new ways.

Learning to relax

A stressed body cannot heal. Learning HOW to relax is key to anyone struggling with chronic health issues. We must learn how to turn off our stress response, so we can alleviate symptoms. In this session, you will learn a powerful bio-hack to help you relax and regain your peace, both physically and mentally.

Nourish the unexpressed

In this session, we will explore what is unexpressed, repressed or suppressed. What needs to be integrated into your life to live a complete nourishing and happy life free from dis-ease? Disease usually takes place when aspects of your true self aren't being expressed. This will all be explored with safety and support.

Unlock your personal power

Here you will learn how to connect to your personal power and gut wisdom. Building on the previous sessions, you will learn to further integrate and transform old wounds in the body and re-connect to your personal power.

Acknowledgement and integration: establish your new normal

In this session, we will look back at how far you have come and anchor in your new normal. Exploring your goals and challenges, we will bring awareness to the progress that has been made and establish a new baseline of health and wellbeing.

What's next on your journey?

Using your regained energy and health, what do you want to do with your vitality now? This session is often a springboard for what's next. What do you want to achieve in the next three months? What are obsessed with? How can you express your true self in the world?

Celebrating your transformation

This concluding session is a celebration of your achievements in the programme. Learn powerful tools to support your continued success, health and wellness, integrating everything that you have learned and connecting to the support and tools you need to further enhance your 90-day transformation.

Client results

I have just completed and would like to highly recommend Dr Faiza Khalid's 12 week Mind and Body Transformation Programme. After years of numerous and various ineffective and unhelpful interventions I decided to try and source a more holistic approach to my situation in an attempt to rebuild and regain some quality of life.

Following burnout 8 years ago and experiencing hopeless frustration and a cocktail of debilitating symptoms triggered by a family crisis, linked in part to a 'vague diagnosis' of an auto-immune disorder and exasperated by the menopause; my days consisted of pain, discomfort, confusion, low energy and mood, and a general feeling of being constantly under par.

Main symptoms included: Anxiety and panic attacks, Chronic fatigue, Aches, pains and joint stiffness, Brain fog, Indigestion and heartburn and Disturbed sleep.

I felt vulnerable and overwhelmed by the basic of daily activities and tasks and I had become increasingly withdrawn and disconnected socially and emotionally. I had lost all my confidence in my ability to ever function normally again, and this impacted on every area of my life, my physical, mental and emotional health, my relationships and any possible future goals or aspirations.

When I started working with Faiza I didn't really know what to expect, but resolved in my heart to be committed, open minded and determined to improve my situation. Faiza took me by the hand, helped me to my feet and walked by my side throughout this journey. Her personal and professional expertise propels and directs with conviction, belief and passion, and her warmth and genuine desire to see you succeed enables and supports you every step of the way.

The results have exceeded my hopes and expectations! Physically I feel more energised and nourished, I have lost weight (bonus!), sleep better and haven't needed pain and indigestion relief since week 2; mentally I'm in a much better place, I feel calmer and more in control, I have my mojo back!

Throughout this programme, I have felt enthused, curious and intrigued by the methods used, and amazed and delighted that the results have been swift and constant. Every new concept, suggestion and tool I have been introduced to, I have embraced and adopted into my lifestyle and the whole experience has been enlightening, empowering, and has felt effortless and natural.

Tanya Blackford, 56, County Durham

Committed to your transformation

I am committed to my client's success and total healthcare transformation. I genuinely want you to feel better and I do what it takes to help get you there. I often work with clients who question if their healing is even possible. The body responds to our thoughts, so I offer my client the belief that they CAN heal. I support them and equip them with the tools they need and I believe in their healing for them, until they can do it for themselves. This belief creates a SHIFT. I give my clients back their hope. The power to heal comes from within and the belief that healing is possible.

Dr Faiza was the only doctor to believe my symptoms
and never doubted that she would get me to a place of wellness.

Sue Haggett, 64. Nottingham, retired nurse.

You CAN heal. This is your turning point.

You don't have to struggle alone. You can get the support, tools, and resources to heal your chronic health issues or auto-immune disorder. Things can shift and Dr. Faiza is here to support your total health transformation. It's time. Book your Free Consultation now.

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